Executive Team

Kevin Brown

kevin brown
(416) 512-8186 ex. 228

Kevin Brown is the President and founder of MediaEdge Communications and is responsible for the overall business strategy for the company.  Kevin has over 25 years of experience in B2B communications and has directed the development of dozens of industry leading print, digital and event products. 

Robert Thompson
Senior Vice President and Partner

robert thompson
(647) 494-4229

Robert Thompson has been serving the North American association community for over thirty years. He willingly shares his knowledge and expertise with association executives and communication managers at both the national and local levels, consistently increasing market share for publications and growing advertising revenues for a diverse range of associations. Winner of CSAE's Griner Award, he is recognized for his significant contributions to the not-for-profit sector.

Chuck Nervick
Senior Vice President – Strategic Development

chuck nervick
(416) 512-8186 ex. 227

With over 25 years of magazine, digital media and trade show & conference experience, Chuck is involved in business development and in the provision of client marketing services.

Trevilynn Blakeslee

trevilynn blakeslee
(352) 313-6700 ex.6701

Trevilynn has filled the role of Manager in the MediaEdge US office for the past 12 years.

She has an extensive background in sales and management, and has more than 21 years of experience in the publishing industry.

Dan Gnocato
Vice President

dan gnocato
(604) 549-4521 ex.223

Dan Gnocato leads a dedicated team of business information specialists in the Western Region offices of MediaEdge.

Dan has 20 plus years of advertising, management and publishing experience and is a contributor to a number of industry committees and boards of directors

Michael Brown

michael brown
(352) 313-6700 ex.6702

Michael Brown has been a MediaEdge publisher in the US office for more than 11 years.

With over 15 years of marketing and electronic publishing experience, Michael is a key contributor to the development of the MediaEdge digital portfolio.

Michael Bell
Director, Business Development

michael bell
(647) 557-3278

With over 25 years of experience in advertising, publishing and new media, Michael has become a large contributor to the development of MediaEdge’s digital publishing products.

Michael Bell oversees a group of publications for valued association customers

Don Stoddard

don stoddard
(902) 430-5599

Don has extensive experience in strategic management, directing market development, managing all aspects of marketing communication and providing solution to customer needs.

Steven Chester
Digital Media Director

steven chester
(416) 512-8186 ex. 224

Steven Chester is the Digital Media Director for MediaEdge Communications. With 15 years of experience in both traditional and digital media, Steven oversees all of MediaEdge’s digital properties and social media communities. With a passion for digital engagement, Steven assists clients and associations in building their online presence and reaching out to their communities.

Erin Ruddy
Executive Editor

erin ruddy

Erin Ruddy is the Executive Editor at MediaEdge Communications having joined the team in January of 2013. Erin oversees Canadian Apartment Magazine and project manages a variety of custom B2B initiatives in print, digital and video.

Aaron Burgess
Sales Director

(416) 933-3348 ex. 210

Aaron Burgess is the Sales Director for MediaEdge Digital. With his extensive sales experience, Aaron oversees the Digital Sales floor and is responsible for the continued development of b2b relationships with MediaEdge partners and clients.