Reaching Your Target Audience – Why Smart Advertisers Choose MediaEdge

ME Advertiser TargetAudience 2014

Imagine finding your target audience in one place and having the option to select a variety of advertising vehicles that best suit your needs.  That’s what you’ll get when you work with MediaEdge. We have over two decades of experience in association communications and can help you make the most of your advertising budget. 

Key reasons association advertising is right for you:

Associations keep their members
Most associations have a high annual member-renewal rate, which is great news for advertisers who want to stay in front of potential customers. By advertising with associations you will be able to reach the same individuals with effective frequency. 

Associations are targeted to specific industries
Associations and their publications are built around a specific industry. This essentially guarantees that the individuals who are receiving the various publications and media tools created by MediaEdge are similar in their need and focus.  Targeting your ads to the audience you are trying to reach makes good business sense.

Associations are comprised of engaged members
In order to maintain their member base and revenues, associations are keen to constantly engage their member community. Through MediaEdge, these engagement mechanisms are already in place. Companies that consistently advertise to associations get members talking about their products or services faster than they might in a consumer environment. 

Associations understand relationships
Relationships are key in any association. It’s at the heart of what a successful association provides: networking and connections.  Associations are socially oriented and understand the power of in-person engagement. Starting with one successful project and leveraging that relationship over time will help you gain credibility, benefit from word-of-mouth referral, secure an association reference, and make the connections you’ll need to attract the interest of other associations.  Satisfied members will usually recommend and refer companies and products. 

Associations are trusted
Members trust the association to provide them with the right information, products, and services, so companies that advertise in association publications may receive a more positive perception than they would if the ad were placed in a consumer publication.  Increase your credibility by targeting the right market for your business.